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About US ? Not Really It's "About You". Our business is YOU, how we treat you as a customer and how we represent ourselves to you. Taking care of you as a customer is "Our Business" and it just so happens we also sell Amateur Radio Supplies.

Welcome, My name is George, KV4YS of Lexington, South Carolina. My passion for amateur radio began at the age of 11 when we visited our scout masters house. One night, Mr. Poulos, our Scout Master, took us to his old garage in the back yard of his house. When we entered this poorly lit garage I saw a warm glow of lights coming from the corner of the room. That sight was met with a smell that I later learned to be that of hot Vacuum tubes and a hint of an over heated transformer. Then I saw it, there it was, the biggest combination of radios and electronic equipment I had ever seen.

I was hooked and that was even before I new you could talk around the world on what Mr. Poulos call it a Ham Radio. He talked to several friends of his around the US that night and then later he finished the evening with something he called “DXing”. All of this brings me to the name of our company and how It came to being called Dx Ham Radio Supply" Many Years Later I got licensed, KV4YS, but my passion to listen, restore and collect radios has been my life long hobby. Now Celebrating 10 years. THANK YOU ALL 

Welcome, to Dx Ham Radio Supply, Your “Assurance of Quality”

Your "Assurance of Quality"

We strive to purchase products made in the USA. We have partnered with and through companies that also buy Made in the USA. We also utilize these same companies to purchase products from reputable companies buying quality product from all points around the world.

DxHRS stands behind all of our products. Some of the products that we we engineer / assemble like our Jumper assemblies and Ground braids to mention a couple are made using the best products possible. We also assemble these products ourselves and take extreme pride in the final product. If you are not pleased with any of our products just pick up your phone and call me personally 803-719-1683. I'll make it right !!

George KV4YS
[email protected]

As with any business our prices are subject to without notice. However we will contact you if the price has changed before we finalize your order.