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RG8X Jumper Assembly

Made with Davis RF RG8X coax manufactured in the USA, Hand soldered and assembled in the US by Dx Ham Radio Supply.

Both ends terminated with PL259 Crimp / Soldered silver plated connectors. The body is crimped and the pin is soldered to give it added connectivity and strength.

Each assembly is also pull tested to 25 lbs. We use U.S. made Silver base solder on all of our cable assemblies insuring the best continuity possible . Our solder PN-DXHRSAG-10 is lead free with a 3% rosin core and consists of 96.5% Tin and 3.5 % silver.

All connections are tested for continuity for shorts to ground and are Heat Sealed from the elements with Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing.

Manufactured and Assembled by Dx Ham Radio Supply under our "Quality of Assurance" pledge.