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KV4YS Center Line Insulator

Original KV4YS center line insulator, developed by Dx Ham Radio Supply LLC. All stainless steel hardware 1/4" Center Eye Bolt and 3/16" eye screws including nuts and bolts. Conduit housing is Schedule 40 for electrical use** UV protected ETL Listed and conforms to UL 651 standard, Sunlight Resistant (will fade over time)

** This is not Schedule 40 PVC conduit that is used for transmission of water.

We use Davis RF Flex Weave 14 AWG, 168 copper strand Wire for internal lead lines (
ultra-flexible aerial wire ... FLEX-WEAVE TM is sometimes referred to as "wire rope") Connector; SO-239 "UHF" or "N" 4 hole panel mount silver plated brass, with Teflon dielectric, (your choice at checkout). Inside: SO-239 center lead is soldered with KV4YS Made in the USA 3% Sliver Based Solder and the ground is mechanically connected. Terminals inside are tinned copper. Comes with 2" piece of 3/4", 3:1 Ratio adhesive heat shrink to seal your coax connector to the SO-239.
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KV4YS Center Line Insulator
KV4YS Center Line Insulator
Our Price: $21.85

All stainless hardware, Schedule 40 PVC UV sunlight Resistant. Flex-Weave 14 AWG copper strand wire connections (inside), Silver plated brass UHF or N SO 239 connector. Comes with 2" piece of 3/4" adhesive heat shrink. more info